America’s most expensive whiskey, clover, by price

Clover honey is a blend of the honey bees and clover flowers.It is the most expensive American whiskey available. Clover honey costs $1,700 per gallon, according to the National Whisky Institute.It’s available at many local liquor stores, but only one bottle is ever made. American honey whiskey has a slightly lower price tag but comes in a larger bottle.It costs $2,400 per […]

How the honey pot will be used: What we know so far and what to expect next

Farmacy Honey Pot is a $100 billion venture by global agricultural giant Monsanto to commercialize a novel pesticide that it says will help farmers control weeds.The technology could help farmers produce more food faster.But a study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology has raised concerns about its safety and the risks posed by using it on crops that need […]

What you need to know about the new queen bee in the hive

There’s a lot of buzz about the next big honey bee.The hive queen is a super-sized honey bee, with an incredible ability to create new queens in a matter of hours, a new study has found.And, as a result, she’s become one of the most feared creatures on the planet.We’re seeing honey bee deaths every year, and this is just […]

Which is the best shampoo for honey blonde hair?

Honey blonde hair is an extremely beautiful and versatile hair color that’s also incredibly hard to keep in place.Honey blonde has a strong and slightly metallic scent that comes from the honey, boba and honey mustard sauce.Honey blond hair is often called “honey yellow” because of its yellowish hue.It can also be a light yellow, brown or even green color […]

‘Honey’ Is a Natural Health Superfood That’s Unmasking ‘Harmful’ Foods

Honey is an essential part of the diet, so the next time you see a jar of honey, think twice.It’s also one of the most commonly used foods in the United States and worldwide.But it can contain harmful substances, including pesticides, which is why it’s now being labeled as an anti-virus.And the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it’s […]

Honey bee ‘cannot survive’ in polluted California lakes

A new study shows that honey bees that depend on the natural environment for food cannot survive in polluted lakes, and they are disappearing from the landscape.The findings, published Tuesday in the journal PLOS One, raise questions about whether the massive, industrial-scale use of neonicotinoid pesticides in the Midwest has poisoned the environment for years, leaving it barren of bees […]

Why manuka honey is the best honey you can buy, Axios

There’s a buzz on Twitter and Reddit about a new strain of manuka that looks promising to be the next crop of manju that could make a comeback.That new manuka will be better tasting, easier to grow, and more affordable than the manuka we have now.But as it turns out, it’s not manuka in the same way as the manju […]

Bee sting, honey hair color and bee pollen: What you need to know

After the first few days of his new job, Peter was in constant pain.He felt nauseous and had to take an IV to take his medicine.The pain was making his head hurt.Peter had to go to the hospital every few days.When he did, he had to wait in a waiting room for hours.Peter had a constant headache.He couldn’t work.Peter’s symptoms […]

What happens when you add honey to the hive?

By joining Honey Farm, you can take control of your honey production and save the planet.The app is free and you can start using it right away.It’s available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.If you have an iPhone, you’ll need to subscribe to the Apple Music app to download and use the app.You’ll also need an iPhone to use Honey […]

How the honey bee has changed everything from food to medicine

Honey bees, like all other honeybees, are very efficient pollinators, and they pollinate our crops, too.But for a long time, it wasn’t clear how to best use the bees for that purpose.The answers are: 1.Don’t use them.It’s not that honey bees are bad for the environment.They do pollinate crops.But the more you pollinate, the less you pollute the environment with […]