Which Israel’s new law gives the green light to?

Haaretz, Israel’s leading English-language daily, reports that the Minister of Agriculture has approved a bill that allows the import of honey garlic, a plant used to make garlic butter, in an attempt to stem a global pandemic.The bill also includes provisions to increase the number of certified kosher farms in the country, which have been a major contributor to Israel’s […]

How to use Honeybear for your blog posts

I had just started blogging for Honeybear, the company I run with my husband, and had to write this post.It’s been a long time coming.When I started blogging I never really had any formal writing experience.I’d started out doing short blog posts for the site and that was it.Then, about a year ago, I discovered the world of blogging.I was […]

How the US government can get all the data it wants in a honey pot

The US government wants to hack into the networks of every major telecoms company, with the goal of extracting all data about its customers.The goal is to be able to spy on the communications of anyone in the US, even those who are not suspected of any crime.The US Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) wants to conduct the same thing […]

How to find the perfect honey honey, according to a book

Honey is one of the oldest and most widely consumed foods in Ireland.With honey and honey products being sold in grocery stores, cafés and supermarkets across the country, it is difficult to find a home for this staple in Ireland, but that is beginning to change.In a recent BBC interview with Honey Bee Food, a leading honey producer in Ireland […]

How to Make a Honey Bee Hologram with Iris Source TechRadars title How To Make a Holographic Honey Bee Image With Iris, by Honey Bee Studios, from TechRadaru

Honey Bee Studio has released a tutorial video for the Holograms project, and it looks great.The video is titled Honey Bee: Holographics and Holography, and the project is aimed at making bee images that look just like honey bee hive structures.This tutorial will show you how to create a holographic honey bee image with Iris and Iris’ Honey Eyes, Honey […]