Why Honey is More Healthful Than You Think

It’s true, honey has been known to be a powerful food and antioxidant for many centuries, and is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. But it’s also one of many antioxidants found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.In fact, it’s one of about 300 vitamins and minerals that you should consider adding to your diet, according […]

What you need to know about honey butter, the ultimate flavor boost

I’m no honey butter guru, but I love honey butter.It’s a delicious, nutty-butter flavor combination that’s been around for ages.It works like a butter in the fridge.It tastes like vanilla, and you can make it at home by whisking together honey and butter.And the fact that you can actually make it is amazing.I’ve written about butter before, and it’s a […]

‘It was all about my mum’: ‘We all wanted to be farmers’

It was the middle of May and my mum had just finished a five-week trip to Ireland.She was travelling with her husband and two children.As she made the round-the-world journey with her family, she would occasionally visit the farms where her father was the mainstay.She loved the rural atmosphere, the way the sun shone on the trees and the grass.“It […]