How to Get Milk & Honey from the US Dairy Farmers Association

The Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is a major advocate for the US dairy industry, but it is not just about getting milk for the cows.The organization’s goal is to help farmers and processors get milk from the American market, and it has a huge financial stake in the industry.The group is the largest and most influential lobbying organization for […]

How to make honey in your own kitchen

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to make our own honey.In fact, if you’re not a baker, you can just use whatever ingredients you like to make your own honey, but the honey will last longer and be much better tasting.Read more about making honey.You can use this recipe to make an easy honey cake, too.Just follow the directions on […]

How to Get the Honey Bee Song Back in 2018

When the honey bee is in bloom, the beekeeper is the one who gets the honey in.But, as the honey goes to the hive, a different beekeeper picks up the honey and sells it to the market.So, the honey is not just going to go to the farmers, but to the hives as well.That’s why this beekeeper’s name may be […]