Benfica fans booed after failing to win league title

Benfico fans booing a referee after they were left holding out after a 4-0 defeat to Real Sociedad at the Estadio Carlos Zavala are now facing sanctions by UEFA.It was not a perfect night for the club, with goals from Carlos Vela and Ricardo Rodriguez also leaving them in a hole, with the home fans even booing referee Juan Manuel […]

When is honey as good as TUPELO honey?

Honey mushrooms are among the best-selling edible mushrooms, but are they really the best mushrooms for you?The answer is a bit of a mystery.There’s a ton of research that says honey isn’t really a good mushroom, but many people have taken the word “good” and interpreted it to mean something completely different.If you want to get your honey on the […]

What is Honey mustard salmon? – India

Honey mustard fish, a type of salmon that is typically sold as a salmon-skin salad, is now a delicacy in India.It is often used in various kinds of fish dishes, especially chicken dishes.Honey mustard has been added to many fish dishes including chicken and beef, but the fish is also used in many other dishes, including fish dishes.A popular fish […]