Honey salt is for honey-hungry afro-americans

Afro-Americans have been using honey as a natural flavoring since before there was a word for it.They’re also used in foods and beverages, including honey.The salt has become the go-to honey substitute.But now a study published in the Journal of Food Science suggests it’s not the honey itself that makes the salt good for you, but rather the flavor that […]

Why does honey garlic taste like garlic?

RTE 6:20 This honey garlic flavour is like garlic.It is like, garlic, and it is very good.I can taste it, it is really good.But, it’s not that good.It’s not really good, it doesn’t taste like it.You know, it really depends on the type of honey.It really depends how you like it, and what the honey tastes like.If it’s very, very […]