How to cook honey, the new candy with a different flavor

If you want to get the new Honeycombs cereal that will come with your new Honeytron XC2 smartphone, you have to get yourself some honey.The new candy, Honeycombers Cereal, is a Honeycomb with a honey comb inside it.The honey comb will be in the box and can be used to mix honey.According to the manufacturer, the product is also gluten-free […]

How to be a better, more thoughtful person: Why being a feminist can be good for you

By Jessica Rinaldi/The American ConservativeMore than 40 percent of millennials believe they’ve experienced a “sexually hostile workplace” in the past year, according to a new study by the Human Rights Campaign.In the study, released Wednesday, the advocacy group found that 41 percent of young women surveyed felt unsafe at work in 2015, and more than one-third of millennials surveyed said […]