America’s most expensive whiskey, clover, by price

Clover honey is a blend of the honey bees and clover flowers.It is the most expensive American whiskey available. Clover honey costs $1,700 per gallon, according to the National Whisky Institute.It’s available at many local liquor stores, but only one bottle is ever made. American honey whiskey has a slightly lower price tag but comes in a larger bottle.It costs $2,400 per […]

How the honey pot will be used: What we know so far and what to expect next

Farmacy Honey Pot is a $100 billion venture by global agricultural giant Monsanto to commercialize a novel pesticide that it says will help farmers control weeds.The technology could help farmers produce more food faster.But a study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology has raised concerns about its safety and the risks posed by using it on crops that need […]