Hillary Clinton to ‘play by the rules’ and follow the law when defending her campaign

Hillary Clinton will continue to “play by” the rules that govern her campaign after being caught with a non-disclosed donation from a company that has made its name selling honey candies, a senior adviser said on Friday.A day after the Justice Department announced its probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server, the adviser told CNN the candidate will […]

How to make honey pie with the honey bunny

How to create honey pie by the honey bee.You can use honey and honeycomb for a simple honey pie or use the two together to create a super simple dessert.You could also use it as a base for a chocolate honeycomb dessert.I love to use honey for this recipe and it makes a very special treat.The honeycomb honey is a […]

How to make honey matildas ‘wonderful’ with this honey bun recipe

The best honey buns are made from honey and not eggs, according to an Australian chef who’s created a honey bun that’s even more perfect for the matilda.“Honey buns have been made with eggs in the past but they’ve always been made from eggs because of the flavour,” Julia Jones said.“[Honey] matildases are sweet, sweet and savoury, and that’s not […]