When you want to be a Honeypot target, the best way to start is with a Honey Pot

The honeypot is a term often used to describe a small, inconspicuous device that you place under your kitchen sink, usually a bucket or small container, and use it as a source of honey.You can cook your own food, or buy it online.The Honey Pot is a great way to get started, but it is also one of the most […]

How to save bees from an ‘epidemic’ of honey bee die-offs

BOSTON — The honey bee is on the decline.In some states, honey bee populations are already at an all-time low.In others, they are declining fast.Now, researchers say, a virus may be to blame.The CDC says the virus has killed more than 500 million honey bees and has killed about 1.2 million of them.The latest findings, released Wednesday, were a sobering […]