The honey price could be the price of the future

The honey industry is in a frenzy after Donald Trump’s honey price announcement, with the price going up by $1.10 a pound or about 2.5% for the month.That’s more than double what it was in June and is the highest price in five years.The price is expected to be $2.00 a pound for the first time since 2007, when the […]

Honey carrots to hit store shelves this month, says company

Honey carrots, also known as “cocoa” or “peanut butter”, are an easy way to enjoy your next snack.They’re one of those snacks that can be eaten straight up, like any other type of vegetable.And with all the healthy benefits they offer, you can eat them straight from the package.So when you’re looking for a new snack, what are you waiting […]