How bees can be made more sensitive to the chemicals in our food

The honey bee, a vital pest of crops and flowers, is being targeted by the pesticide DDT and other insecticides.In recent years, bee populations in parts of the US and Europe have declined.These declines have been blamed on the effects of DDT, a class of chemicals banned by the World Health Organisation in 1985.Beekeeper Mike Brown, from the University of […]

When Jack Daniels’ honey allergy was discovered, it was a big deal

JACK DANIELS HAS been told to prepare for his honey allergy.In a statement released to the media on Monday, Jack Daniels said he would be “immediately reassessing” his allergy status, which he had already been experiencing for the past two years.“I have been advised by my doctors to make a reassessment of my allergy and I will be taking a […]

How to dye your hair blonde – YouTube

The internet has a lot to offer to make you feel good about yourself.However, if you have to deal with people who want to make fun of your hair, it can be even worse.The internet has become a great way to share some good news, and also a place to make friends with some people who are just as weird […]