The future of honey may be the sweet stuff of bees

Honey is an important crop in Africa, where nearly one in three people relies on it for food, fuel, and health.Now, scientists say the bees are being overharvested by the world’s largest honey industry.The global honey industry has seen a spike in honeybee losses, according to research published this week in the journal PLOS One.Researchers say that’s largely because of […]

Honey salt is for honey-hungry afro-americans

Afro-Americans have been using honey as a natural flavoring since before there was a word for it.They’re also used in foods and beverages, including honey.The salt has become the go-to honey substitute.But now a study published in the Journal of Food Science suggests it’s not the honey itself that makes the salt good for you, but rather the flavor that […]

How to make the honey mustard chicken with the right spices

Honey mustard chicken is one of those dishes you’ll make again and again, but for some people, the chicken is just too darn simple.I had to give up on it, but I know that some of you are not afraid of making this chicken with a little more time and effort.If you’ve been wanting to make honey mustard in your […]