How to make honey glaze without the glue

Jack Daniels honey glazed whiskey is a favorite of mine and I’m so happy to share my recipe with you!Honey glaze can make a delicious and unique beverage with just one ingredient.It’s a very simple technique, but it’s one that will make a wonderful cocktail or dessert.I have always enjoyed making my own glaze for my whiskey and I have […]

Which foods are high in carbs? – What you need to know

By David LeveneSource: ABC News | November 11, 201712:19:01A quick note on the definition of “carbohydrate”: a molecule made up of a carbon atom and an oxygen atom, with a molecular weight of 6.5.Carbohydrates are made up mainly of carbohydrate molecules.Carbohydrate has the same structure as sugar, with the carbon atom having the same carbon structure as fructose.But a molecule […]