How the honey pot will be used: What we know so far and what to expect next

Farmacy Honey Pot is a $100 billion venture by global agricultural giant Monsanto to commercialize a novel pesticide that it says will help farmers control weeds.The technology could help farmers produce more food faster.But a study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology has raised concerns about its safety and the risks posed by using it on crops that need […]

A new honey-hair dye is a “game changer” for farmacy cosmetics

Farmacy cosmetics are on the verge of becoming a new $1 billion business for the cosmetics industry, with some brands making big money from the lucrative sale of cosmetics.The cosmetics industry has seen a significant growth since the introduction of the honey-based cosmetics.The industry is now worth more than $1.8 billion annually and employs more than 400,000 people worldwide.But the […]

‘It was all about my mum’: ‘We all wanted to be farmers’

It was the middle of May and my mum had just finished a five-week trip to Ireland.She was travelling with her husband and two children.As she made the round-the-world journey with her family, she would occasionally visit the farms where her father was the mainstay.She loved the rural atmosphere, the way the sun shone on the trees and the grass.“It […]

Honey Potion to be made at Dharavi Dairy

Farmacy honey powder has been given a boost with the announcement of a Rs 50,000 grant from the Dharavathi Government to make it into a dairy product.The department of food processing and retailing has granted the department an initial grant of Rs 50 lakh to manufacture the honey-based product at Dhanvakur, a village in the state’s North 24 Parganas district.The […]