Eagles play Bears to 4-3 win in NFC title game

LAS VEGAS — With the NFL’s most-hyped team having won its first Super Bowl, the Eagles and Bears played their final regular-season game Saturday night in what became a highly anticipated showdown for the NFC’s title.The Eagles (4-3) were coming off a win at Green Bay on Monday night, and the Bears (3-5) were reeling from a 1-5 start.They were […]

US spy chief admits that honeypot target ‘went out of control’

The FBI chief who oversaw the agency’s secret surveillance program is admitting he misused the program, a top U.S. intelligence official said Tuesday.In a rare public admission, FBI Director James Comey admitted that his honeypot program was “out of control” and that he “never fully understood” the scope of the program and the importance of its safeguards, according to an […]