When the honey blonde is in season, she’s just a honey 2

The honey blonde has been a fixture of British television for nearly two decades, and has been part of popular culture since the 1950s.Now she is returning to the big screen, thanks to the upcoming movie Honey and the Honeybees.The original film starred Kate Winslet and was released in 1977.It is about a family of honey bees who become infected […]

Hacker News ‘is a tool for sharing information, not a tool to censor content’

Hacker News is a popular online community for users to share content and share ideas with each other.One such group is Honey Balayage.In 2016, Honey Balays published a blog post that discussed how the platform is designed to “ensure a level of neutrality, transparency, and integrity”.In a follow-up post, Honey Brook Pa explained the reasoning behind this, stating that it […]

‘We want our kids to eat these cereal like it’s their favourite cereal’: ABC News

Aussie parent-teacher association has called for cereal brands to be made available in Australia so young children can learn about the nutritional value of a food.The Australian Cattle Feeders Association said the cereal industry needs to be more transparent about the health benefits of their products, saying it is a vital ingredient in many foods.“We want to be able to […]