Honey Bee Song? I’m Still In The Dark About Honey Bee

The buzzy song about bees that has been making headlines since last year has been a long time coming.The honey bee is a species of bee found in every country on Earth.But it’s a bit of a mystery how it got its name.What’s its history?What do honey bees do for a living?We’ll explore all this in this episode of the […]

How Honeybee Honey Substitutes Could Be a Huge Health Issue

The honeybee is the most widely-used and well-respected of all bee species.It’s also the most endangered.In the wild, the honeybee has a very low survival rate and a high chance of dying within a few years of hatching.And honeybees in captivity are often kept in small, crowded spaces with little sunlight.The result: Honeybees have the highest mortality rate of any […]

How to make honey badger wings

The honey badgers have a taste for anything sweet, so they’re perfect for a local honey farm.This badger farm in the Ozarks, Ala., has been making honey badges for the past five years and sells them at farmers markets, farmers markets and other events.“Honey badgers are really, really good,” said Lisa Johnson, the farm’s owner and founder.“They taste good.They have […]