How the honey bee has changed everything from food to medicine

Honey bees, like all other honeybees, are very efficient pollinators, and they pollinate our crops, too.But for a long time, it wasn’t clear how to best use the bees for that purpose.The answers are: 1.Don’t use them.It’s not that honey bees are bad for the environment.They do pollinate crops.But the more you pollinate, the less you pollute the environment with […]

How Honeybee Honey Substitutes Could Be a Huge Health Issue

The honeybee is the most widely-used and well-respected of all bee species.It’s also the most endangered.In the wild, the honeybee has a very low survival rate and a high chance of dying within a few years of hatching.And honeybees in captivity are often kept in small, crowded spaces with little sunlight.The result: Honeybees have the highest mortality rate of any […]

How to Make a Honey Bee Hologram with Iris Source TechRadars title How To Make a Holographic Honey Bee Image With Iris, by Honey Bee Studios, from TechRadaru

Honey Bee Studio has released a tutorial video for the Holograms project, and it looks great.The video is titled Honey Bee: Holographics and Holography, and the project is aimed at making bee images that look just like honey bee hive structures.This tutorial will show you how to create a holographic honey bee image with Iris and Iris’ Honey Eyes, Honey […]