Bee sting, honey hair color and bee pollen: What you need to know

After the first few days of his new job, Peter was in constant pain.He felt nauseous and had to take an IV to take his medicine.The pain was making his head hurt.Peter had to go to the hospital every few days.When he did, he had to wait in a waiting room for hours.Peter had a constant headache.He couldn’t work.Peter’s symptoms […]

How to stop honey bee stingers and honey bee nests from multiplying

How to control honey bee populations in your garden orchard is a topic that can get tricky.The honey bee has been around for at least 2.5 million years, so even if you don’t have a hive yet, it’s likely that you’re already at least a bit familiar with its capabilities.The honey bee’s ability to make honey is well-known.When it first […]