How to Make the Best Honey Cornbread: What You Need to Know

This week on the podcast, host Mike and Mike discuss the honey cornbread we eat, how it’s made, and more.We also talk about some of the challenges that come with making a honey cornfield, and we cover the best recipes you can make in the kitchen.The show is recorded live at 9:30 a.m.EST on Wednesday, September 21st on the Nerdist […]

Manuka honey trap movie opens at Disney World

Movie lovers may want to take a moment to savor the movie “Manuka Honey Trap Movie” at Disneyworld next month.Disneyland Resort is planning to unveil the film at the company’s “Honey Trap Cinema” sometime in July, with the first trailer available in October.The trailer shows a man wearing a suit of Manuka Honey, a type of flower found on the […]