Honey Eyes donuts: ‘They’re like the next big thing’

Honey Eyes aren’t the only new take on donuts in the market.And this year, donuts have a new name, too.The new take is called Honey Dew Donuts and it’s just like the Honey Donuts.They are the next generation of donuts, according to Honey Dewal, co-owner of the Donuts Co. in Dublin.“We were all talking about this new take of Honey […]

“Honey” Donuts is now selling out, thanks to a $40,000 Kickstarter campaign

The Honey Donuts bakery in New York City is now in the process of closing after the success of its $40 million campaign.The bakery opened last year and has become a hot spot for fans of the sweet-and-sour doughnut tradition.But it’s also become a destination for fans and critics of the doughnut’s many flavors, with many calling it an “effing […]