Honey mustard pretzel: Can it win the hearts and minds of our children?

Honey mustard is a staple in many households, and a treat on Valentine’s Day.This pretzel will satisfy all your sweet tooth needs.It is packed with all of the condiments and toppings you’d expect, including honey, mustard, and caramel.We have a variety of pretzel shapes and sizes, so whether you like to eat with your children or prefer a snack, there […]

Honey price rises to $9.00 per ounce

A honey price increase on Monday was one of the biggest since December when the price of the sweetener rose to $10.16 per ounce.It was the biggest price increase since June 2017 when the benchmark price rose to a record $12.20 per ounce after the US government raised its sugar tax.The price of a kilogram of honey has fallen by […]

Honeybee meme: The sweet honey meme gets a sweet discount

The honey bee, or Apis mellifera, is an evergreen plant native to Africa and Asia.It was domesticated about 100,000 years ago in Europe.It’s the bee’s favorite food and it is thought to produce pollen that is essential for the bee larvae to survive.This pollen is collected and eaten by bees, but also produced by some species of bees that feed […]

Honey discount: Honey is now up to 25% cheaper at Kroger

The honey aisle of Kroger is no longer free, but it is also down by 25% on the weekend.The discount will last through Thursday and Friday.Kroger said it was an effort to reduce its cost base and that the discount applies to all honey products, not just honey.The discount is not available to Kroger Fresh Honey, Kroger Honey Bars, Kroenke’s […]