How to make honey glaze without the glue

Jack Daniels honey glazed whiskey is a favorite of mine and I’m so happy to share my recipe with you!Honey glaze can make a delicious and unique beverage with just one ingredient.It’s a very simple technique, but it’s one that will make a wonderful cocktail or dessert.I have always enjoyed making my own glaze for my whiskey and I have […]

Bee sting, honey hair color and bee pollen: What you need to know

After the first few days of his new job, Peter was in constant pain.He felt nauseous and had to take an IV to take his medicine.The pain was making his head hurt.Peter had to go to the hospital every few days.When he did, he had to wait in a waiting room for hours.Peter had a constant headache.He couldn’t work.Peter’s symptoms […]

Why honey extract is so bad for you

The honey extract we’re talking about has a reputation as being the ultimate anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.But new research from Oxford University has shown that this is untrue.What we’re looking at is that the extract can actually make the skin worse, says Dr Rebecca Gee, a dermatologist and researcher at the University of Exeter.She says there are a number of possible […]

Why honey? Here’s what you need to know about honey extractor

It’s hard to say what makes honey so popular with so many, but some say it’s not the sweet taste, but the health benefits.Some say honey extractors can remove toxins from your body.And others believe that the sweet, floral taste is what makes it popular.The honey industry says the sweet and floral tastes are what make honey so appealing to […]