HONEY FOR DOGS: Honey for dogs

The honey glazed egg is one of my favourite treats.The taste is really good, it’s light and fluffy and I love the way it tastes after you’ve had it.It’s also really easy to make and you can make this recipe with just two ingredients.You can use chicken, fish, or even any meat.For a more complex recipe, you could add other […]

Why honey is better for dogs than a can of regular chocolate

In a world where people are getting increasingly addicted to chocolate, honey is a great source of calories and antioxidants, says Honey Bee Foods.But it’s not without its critics.Here are some of the things you need to know about honey.1.Honey has a very low sugar content and is a natural source of vitamins and minerals.But you might not realise that […]

Honey glazed sausage is the new bacon

The last time you bought a bacon-wrapped ham, you probably didn’t notice that you were paying more than you bargained for.The answer?Bacon.Bacon is sweet.Bacon’s fat content is much higher than butter.And bacon, when cooked, turns to honey.So the next time you order a ham sandwich, make sure you order it with honey.(If you’re the kind of person who thinks bacon […]