What to eat for Thanksgiving with honey glaze carrots

Honey glaze is an excellent substitute for sugar in baking, and a wonderful substitute for a glaze of your choice.If you don’t have a glazing ingredient, you can make your own by using an egg yolk or egg white mixture.The easiest way to make your honey glazes is to combine a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of honey.Then, whisk […]

Which honeybee species are in the spotlight this year?

In an article that was first published in the online edition of The Atlantic magazine, writer Laura Dolan asked: Which honey bee species are being photographed this year and what do they look like?In the end, she found the answer: Not all of them, as far as we can tell.But, she wrote, “honey bees have always been in the news […]

How to make a delicious honey glaze in just a few minutes

honey glazing is a fun way to get a little colour and flavour to a dish, but it can be messy.We have rounded up the best ways to make honey glazes in under 10 minutes.1.Make a glaze by boiling a couple of tablespoons of boiling water in a pot, then adding the rest of the ingredients.You can also make your […]