Honey salt is for honey-hungry afro-americans

Afro-Americans have been using honey as a natural flavoring since before there was a word for it.They’re also used in foods and beverages, including honey.The salt has become the go-to honey substitute.But now a study published in the Journal of Food Science suggests it’s not the honey itself that makes the salt good for you, but rather the flavor that […]

HONEY FOR DOGS: Honey for dogs

The honey glazed egg is one of my favourite treats.The taste is really good, it’s light and fluffy and I love the way it tastes after you’ve had it.It’s also really easy to make and you can make this recipe with just two ingredients.You can use chicken, fish, or even any meat.For a more complex recipe, you could add other […]

When it comes to honey, is honey better than honey?

By Sarah Rainsford and Ben FaganThe final question to ask when trying to decide whether honey is better than other honey is “Is honey better?”The answer, in part, depends on whether you are a consumer of honey or an agronomist.“You can’t say it’s better than others, but it is better,” says Dr Stephen Beresford, the director of the Honey Industry […]

Honey is back, and it’s a honey bee food

The bees are coming back, which means you’re going to want to get the best food for your honey bee family, says Dr Chris Williams, chief veterinary officer of the Bee Protection Society.“We need to make sure we have adequate food for our bee colonies,” he says.“They’re just really vital for their health.”Honey is a rich source of protein, fibre […]