The honey-honey formula of Russia: How Russia is reinventing the honey-farming industry

By JASON MARTINRussian honey is considered one of the best foods for people with allergies.It is also a staple in the Russian diet, which has become increasingly allergy-friendly in recent years, thanks to the country’s successful efforts to tackle the countrys worst outbreak of coronavirus.Russian honey has long been a staple of the Russian food market, as well as of […]

Which of these honey jams is the best?

A popular honey jam recipe is that of honey mustard dressing.This is a creamy honey jam that is made from honey, vinegar and spices.This recipe is known as “dirty honey” because the vinegar is usually added to it.However, it is not actually vinegar and vinegar is not a honey mustard.In fact, honey mustard vinegar is made with sugar, corn syrup […]