Which song would you rather hear if you were dying of pneumonia?

Honey bee song “Cinnamon” is the one.Honey bees have the highest oxygen requirements, according to the National Academy of Sciences, so it makes sense that they would use it.And there’s also a honey bee song that was performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, called “Cinderella.”Here’s the video for it.You can also see some other iconic songs in […]

Hacker News ‘is a tool for sharing information, not a tool to censor content’

Hacker News is a popular online community for users to share content and share ideas with each other.One such group is Honey Balayage.In 2016, Honey Balays published a blog post that discussed how the platform is designed to “ensure a level of neutrality, transparency, and integrity”.In a follow-up post, Honey Brook Pa explained the reasoning behind this, stating that it […]

How to Get Hacker News to work with your web app with honey colored eyes

Honey colored eyes!That’s what it says!I can’t believe I am reading this article on Hacker News, but I must be reading it on a real website, because I am!But it is a Hacker News article, and I am actually in Hacker News.You will find that, because the article is on Hacker Newbies, it can read like an article on the […]