Why is honey not legal in Spain?

In Spanish, honey is used for making alcoholic beverages and for food.The honey industry is an important sector of Spain’s economy and exports $9 billion worth of honey annually.The country’s tourism sector contributes around $3.6 billion a year.It has more than 3 million restaurants and cafes.Its main exports are honey and sugar cane, which is processed into wine and other […]

Which of the new baby-boomers is best to watch?

Here are our picks for the best baby boomers of the year: • Justin Trudeau • Andrew Scheer • Andrew MacDougall • Kevin O’Leary • Erin O’Toole • Paul Martin • Maxime Bernier • Maxim Zboril • Peter Penashue • Justin Guilbault • Michael Chong • David Wells • Gary Goodridge • Peter MacKay • James Bezan • Mike Harris […]

When Honey Covered Your Honey Tree

Honey Capped Your Honey Trees Honey Capping is a special type of tree trimming that you can do to add or remove honey to your honey trees.Honey Caps can be done to your trees in several ways.First, if you have a honey tree, the easiest way to do it is to just cut off the top of the tree, but […]