Why is honey not legal in Spain?

In Spanish, honey is used for making alcoholic beverages and for food.The honey industry is an important sector of Spain’s economy and exports $9 billion worth of honey annually.The country’s tourism sector contributes around $3.6 billion a year.It has more than 3 million restaurants and cafes.Its main exports are honey and sugar cane, which is processed into wine and other […]

Why Honey Must Be Honey, the Tea Party Must Vote

Tea Party Republicans have spent years saying they want a return to the days when government provided all of our needs and then some.And they are on their way to achieving their vision.But the Tea party has failed to do anything to reverse the decades of neglect that has crippled our economy and society.Tea party voters have been promised a […]

How to create a honey whiskey from scratch

Honey whiskey is a popular drink for those who enjoy their cocktails with honey.The cocktail is made with honey, but you can make it with other ingredients as well, such as maple syrup, sugar, orange juice and a bit of vanilla extract.You can make a sweet honey whiskey with a simple syrup, a vanilla extract and honey from your own […]