When Jack Daniels’ honey allergy was discovered, it was a big deal

JACK DANIELS HAS been told to prepare for his honey allergy.In a statement released to the media on Monday, Jack Daniels said he would be “immediately reassessing” his allergy status, which he had already been experiencing for the past two years.“I have been advised by my doctors to make a reassessment of my allergy and I will be taking a […]

How to make honey glaze without the glue

Jack Daniels honey glazed whiskey is a favorite of mine and I’m so happy to share my recipe with you!Honey glaze can make a delicious and unique beverage with just one ingredient.It’s a very simple technique, but it’s one that will make a wonderful cocktail or dessert.I have always enjoyed making my own glaze for my whiskey and I have […]

HoneyBadger to remove ‘fake’ honey badgers, replace them with real ones

A honey badging service called HoneyBadgers is getting the axe after nearly a decade of operation.The service, which was launched in January 2017, was used to help consumers find out if they were buying honey online.HoneyBadgers launched with the help of $1.5 million raised from an angel investor and is now being discontinued, the company said in a statement on […]

Honey srirachas sauce and honey birdette: A delicious honey and honey srirache combination?

By now, you probably know what honey and sriraches are, but this honey and honey srirusah sauce is one of the best things you can make.The sauce is thick, rich and thick as a bone, with a hint of garlic and onion.You can use this recipe to make Honey Birdette or Honey Sriracha Honey Birdettes, both of which are a […]