Russia, Canada set to sign $2.8 billion oil deal

The Canadian government is set to announce a $2 billion oil-for-food deal with a Russian company, after it was confirmed the two countries would be working together to develop a honey-based oil for local use.The announcement comes as the U.S. and Europe ratchet up sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, after Moscow denied the existence of an economic […]

Which foods are high in carbs? – What you need to know

By David LeveneSource: ABC News | November 11, 201712:19:01A quick note on the definition of “carbohydrate”: a molecule made up of a carbon atom and an oxygen atom, with a molecular weight of 6.5.Carbohydrates are made up mainly of carbohydrate molecules.Carbohydrate has the same structure as sugar, with the carbon atom having the same carbon structure as fructose.But a molecule […]

How to make honey badger wings

The honey badgers have a taste for anything sweet, so they’re perfect for a local honey farm.This badger farm in the Ozarks, Ala., has been making honey badges for the past five years and sells them at farmers markets, farmers markets and other events.“Honey badgers are really, really good,” said Lisa Johnson, the farm’s owner and founder.“They taste good.They have […]