Honey glazed sausage is the new bacon

The last time you bought a bacon-wrapped ham, you probably didn’t notice that you were paying more than you bargained for.The answer?Bacon.Bacon is sweet.Bacon’s fat content is much higher than butter.And bacon, when cooked, turns to honey.So the next time you order a ham sandwich, make sure you order it with honey.(If you’re the kind of person who thinks bacon […]

“Honey” Donuts is now selling out, thanks to a $40,000 Kickstarter campaign

The Honey Donuts bakery in New York City is now in the process of closing after the success of its $40 million campaign.The bakery opened last year and has become a hot spot for fans of the sweet-and-sour doughnut tradition.But it’s also become a destination for fans and critics of the doughnut’s many flavors, with many calling it an “effing […]