When does Honeycombs become ‘mad’ and ‘huh huh’?!

It’s the morning of February 15, 2018 and the Anaheim Ducks are hosting the Ottawa Senators in their second game of the season.They’re 0-3-0 since losing three straight games in March, but the Ducks have come back and dominated their last two games to take a 4-1 lead into the third period.That’s the first of four straight games for the […]

Why honey? Here’s what you need to know about honey extractor

It’s hard to say what makes honey so popular with so many, but some say it’s not the sweet taste, but the health benefits.Some say honey extractors can remove toxins from your body.And others believe that the sweet, floral taste is what makes it popular.The honey industry says the sweet and floral tastes are what make honey so appealing to […]

How to use Honey, and a little more for free, for a few bucks per month

TUPELO, Tenn.— How can I tell you that I’m not an “uh huh” honey aficionado?I don’t need to be reminded.Honey is a sweet, floral, and floral-infused beverage that has become an integral part of the American diet.I love honey.But I am also passionate about its many health benefits. Honey has been an ingredient in my daily diet since childhood, and I’ve […]