The honey price could be the price of the future

The honey industry is in a frenzy after Donald Trump’s honey price announcement, with the price going up by $1.10 a pound or about 2.5% for the month.That’s more than double what it was in June and is the highest price in five years.The price is expected to be $2.00 a pound for the first time since 2007, when the […]

The future of honey may be the sweet stuff of bees

Honey is an important crop in Africa, where nearly one in three people relies on it for food, fuel, and health.Now, scientists say the bees are being overharvested by the world’s largest honey industry.The global honey industry has seen a spike in honeybee losses, according to research published this week in the journal PLOS One.Researchers say that’s largely because of […]

Honey Bee Song? I’m Still In The Dark About Honey Bee

The buzzy song about bees that has been making headlines since last year has been a long time coming.The honey bee is a species of bee found in every country on Earth.But it’s a bit of a mystery how it got its name.What’s its history?What do honey bees do for a living?We’ll explore all this in this episode of the […]

Why Honey Smacks Cereal Makes You Fat, Study Finds

Honey, of course, has been touted as a miracle-drug that can reverse the effects of obesity.And it turns out that the food has some pretty strong evidence that it does, in fact, help to prevent and reverse obesity.The study by the Australian National University’s Dr. David M. Hughes and colleagues involved nearly 40,000 people over a period of nine years […]

A woman’s courage to share her love of honey and honey-infused cocktails

The woman who created a new kind of cocktail using honey has a new mission.She wants to bring it to the masses and teach the world about honey.Ms Madhav, 30, has created the “Honey Bee Whiskey” cocktail and she is launching a campaign to share the drink with her followers.“I have realised that the world is a much bigger place […]

Which food has a honey roasted peanut flavor?

It’s that time of year again, when you’re craving the sweet aroma of roasted peanuts and the sweet taste of peanut butter.Honey roasted peanuts are often roasted and then used in peanut butter products to create an even sweeter, more nutty peanut butter flavor.They are also used in many sauces.Honey has a unique flavor and aroma that can vary depending […]

How to make honey pie with the honey bunny

How to create honey pie by the honey bee.You can use honey and honeycomb for a simple honey pie or use the two together to create a super simple dessert.You could also use it as a base for a chocolate honeycomb dessert.I love to use honey for this recipe and it makes a very special treat.The honeycomb honey is a […]

Why you should be eating honey instead of sugar, says nutritionist

It seems like a no-brainer, right?Honey is a nutrient dense food that’s highly nutritious and has a long history of use in traditional medicine.But according to the National Institute of Health (NIH), honey is actually a form of sugar. It’s been said that the term honey is the only thing that can explain its origins.So, what’s in it? According to the USDA, […]

Which honey bee stamps are the best?

The popularity of honey bees in India is rising, as their colonies grow more and more, said Nandan Parikh, director general of the Centre for Biotechnology Research (CBR).According to the CBR, in 2015, honey bees were listed as the most pollinated insect species in the world.However, it is estimated that only 5 per cent of India’s honeybees survive to maturity, […]

Honey farmer in court over honey farm scandal

By Laura SmithThe BBCThe Tuesday, the honey producer Honey West pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud, one count of conspiracy and one count each of misleading the public and breaching consumer protection laws.Honey West has admitted paying farmers to make their honey more expensive to consumers, with some of the payments being made through online platforms such as […]