How to buy a bottle of honey wine at the supermarket

If you are looking to purchase honey wine, the best way to do so is at the store.The honey wine store is a must-do in any supermarket, and it’s also the best option to find a bottle.The cheapest honey wine available is $5.79 per 750ml bottle at the big-box stores like Trader Joe’s and Walmart, and the cheapest honey-wine prices […]

Honey Eyes donuts: ‘They’re like the next big thing’

Honey Eyes aren’t the only new take on donuts in the market.And this year, donuts have a new name, too.The new take is called Honey Dew Donuts and it’s just like the Honey Donuts.They are the next generation of donuts, according to Honey Dewal, co-owner of the Donuts Co. in Dublin.“We were all talking about this new take of Honey […]

How to ‘make it’ in Tupelo, Arkansas

TUPELO, Ark.— While Tupelo’s hip-hop scene continues to thrive, some residents are now feeling the effects of a downturn in the local economy.A new report from the University of Arkansas shows that, at least since 2014, there has been a decline in economic activity and a corresponding decline in the number of jobs for local residents.The report shows that the […]

How much honey can you buy for a dollar?

Honey for sale is the new gold.That’s the verdict from some of the nation’s leading honey sellers.Honey is a commodity with high potential to become the new premium crop in many households, especially in the coming years, according to Honey Gold.“We’re really seeing a lot of honey being sold for $0.99,” said Tom Moore, Honey Gold’s director of business development.Moore […]

Russia, Canada set to sign $2.8 billion oil deal

The Canadian government is set to announce a $2 billion oil-for-food deal with a Russian company, after it was confirmed the two countries would be working together to develop a honey-based oil for local use.The announcement comes as the U.S. and Europe ratchet up sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, after Moscow denied the existence of an economic […]

Which of the Honey Bears are the most popular?

If you were wondering how many honey bears are left in the wild, the answer is “a lot,” according to a new study.The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has found that honey bears in Western Australia’s south-west have a population of between 3,000 and 5,000.This is the lowest number of honey bears recorded for the area, the research found.However, […]

The honey girl of the Internet: Honey the unicorn

Honey the Unicorn is the newest member of the HoN community.She is a unicorn who loves to share her love of unicorn-themed music and the HoNs website with others.She also likes to play the guitar, swim in the pool, and dance to “the unicorn song”.The first official HoN song, Honey the Uncut, was released on February 20, 2017.She is currently […]

Which teams will be winners of the 2017 NHL All-Star Weekend?

The first All-Stars game will be on Sunday, Jan. 27, when the Anaheim Ducks face the Dallas Stars in Dallas.The first game in the All-Rookie class will be the 2017-18 season opener on Thursday, Jan 25.The All-Dogs will face the Colorado Avalanche on Sunday in Denver, Colo.on Friday, Jan 27.The Kings will face off against the New York Rangers in […]

What’s the secret to garlic’s amazing flavor?

By now you probably know how much garlic you should put on your chicken.The flavor is amazing.But what exactly is the secret? And it may not even be a secret at all.The science behind garlic’s ability to deliver amazing flavor has been a mystery for years. But a recent study from researchers at the University of California, Irvine, is helping to shed […]

The honey-honey formula of Russia: How Russia is reinventing the honey-farming industry

By JASON MARTINRussian honey is considered one of the best foods for people with allergies.It is also a staple in the Russian diet, which has become increasingly allergy-friendly in recent years, thanks to the country’s successful efforts to tackle the countrys worst outbreak of coronavirus.Russian honey has long been a staple of the Russian food market, as well as of […]