Why you should be eating honey instead of sugar, says nutritionist

It seems like a no-brainer, right?Honey is a nutrient dense food that’s highly nutritious and has a long history of use in traditional medicine.But according to the National Institute of Health (NIH), honey is actually a form of sugar. It’s been said that the term honey is the only thing that can explain its origins.So, what’s in it? According to the USDA, […]

How honey has been used to treat brain disease for decades

The first time I heard about honey, it was from my mother, who told me it was used to help with asthma and allergies.When I was a child, my parents would bring honey home from honeymoon in exchange for candy.It was one of those items that was just so delicious and the only thing that I knew was that I […]

How did the honey baby get to be a superstar?

How did one honey baby make it to the top?A baby named Honey Baby is the latest star to grace the Australian sports scene.Honey Baby has been a constant thorn in the side of rivals, as she has played a huge part in the team’s success.Now, it seems, her influence has extended to a new kind of superstar: a honey […]

Honeypot Hill (HoneyPotHill) is up by $5,000 to $50,000

HoneypotHill, the Bitcoin trading platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins, is now trading at $50.24 per Bitcoin.The move comes as Bitcoin prices continued to slide amid an ongoing government crackdown on the digital currency.HoneypotHill currently has more than 100,000 users who are trading in Bitcoin.This is a 25 percent increase from yesterday, when the platform had less […]

Which honey bee stamps are the best?

The popularity of honey bees in India is rising, as their colonies grow more and more, said Nandan Parikh, director general of the Centre for Biotechnology Research (CBR).According to the CBR, in 2015, honey bees were listed as the most pollinated insect species in the world.However, it is estimated that only 5 per cent of India’s honeybees survive to maturity, […]

Honey farmer in court over honey farm scandal

By Laura SmithThe BBCThe BBCNews.co.ukOn Tuesday, the honey producer Honey West pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud, one count of conspiracy and one count each of misleading the public and breaching consumer protection laws.Honey West has admitted paying farmers to make their honey more expensive to consumers, with some of the payments being made through online platforms such as […]

How do you buy honey? How do I buy milk?

I’m a huge milk lover and I’m always looking for the best bargains on milk products online, and I found a way to save money. I searched around for a local brand of milk, which was £4.99 for a 16oz bottle, and after some searching, I found the best deal for a 20oz bottle.It’s not that I didn’t want to buy […]

When does Honeycombs become ‘mad’ and ‘huh huh’?!

It’s the morning of February 15, 2018 and the Anaheim Ducks are hosting the Ottawa Senators in their second game of the season.They’re 0-3-0 since losing three straight games in March, but the Ducks have come back and dominated their last two games to take a 4-1 lead into the third period.That’s the first of four straight games for the […]

How to make Honey Bun Baby, Honey West and Honey Bun baby with honey sririacha sauce

Honey sriras are a popular condiment and one of the main reasons to try them is because of their sweetness.These sweet and savory honey biscuits are filled with honey, but this honey sauce is made with srirashas, which is a sweet and spicy honey.This recipe has two types of honey sriris.One is sweet and one is spicy.If you’re not familiar […]

What do you think about Honeytrap’s new title?

After a lengthy delay, Honeytrap will finally make its official debut at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which runs through July 8 in Los Angeles.While there have been hints that Honeytrap may not be as well-known as its predecessors, the company has been busy releasing trailers for the game.The trailer for Honeytrap, released earlier this month, shows a young […]