What’s a honey salt?

Honey salt is one of the many different types of salt.They’re all different, but all are used in baking.Honey is usually a white powder, but sometimes it can also be a powder of other substances.This is because some honey can contain minerals or vitamins.Honey salt contains calcium, magnesium, and potassium.You can get these minerals and vitamins in honey, but you […]

Aussie mom arrested in connection with heroin distribution

A woman who authorities say has been supplying cocaine to people in Melbourne’s CBD has been arrested in relation to an investigation into the drug.Police allege Michelle Houghton, 27, from Melbourne’s north-west, is supplying cocaine at locations including the CBD.Ms Houghson is accused of supplying cocaine in the CBD between March and June last year, and distributing cocaine from Melbourne […]

Honey, organic honey, and garlic shrimp

The honey you eat can be made into garlic shrimp, a staple of the Mediterranean diet.But you can also make it into other delicious dishes like hummus, hummus rolls, humkut, or humkunis.The key is knowing how to blend the ingredients.The honey and garlic should be lightly salted, but don’t add too much salt to them.It should be well-mixed.Here’s how to […]

How to manage your honeymoon

I remember the first time I had to deal with the honeymoon bug, in December 2016, after the first year of my honeymoon.I had travelled to the UK for a three-month holiday, with my husband and children, and I was staying with friends in the country.I was a little confused about how I was going to deal the honeybugs, as […]

How to find the perfect honey honey, according to a book

Honey is one of the oldest and most widely consumed foods in Ireland.With honey and honey products being sold in grocery stores, cafés and supermarkets across the country, it is difficult to find a home for this staple in Ireland, but that is beginning to change.In a recent BBC interview with Honey Bee Food, a leading honey producer in Ireland […]

How to use Honeybear for your blog posts

I had just started blogging for Honeybear, the company I run with my husband, and had to write this post.It’s been a long time coming.When I started blogging I never really had any formal writing experience.I’d started out doing short blog posts for the site and that was it.Then, about a year ago, I discovered the world of blogging.I was […]

How the US government can get all the data it wants in a honey pot

The US government wants to hack into the networks of every major telecoms company, with the goal of extracting all data about its customers.The goal is to be able to spy on the communications of anyone in the US, even those who are not suspected of any crime.The US Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) wants to conduct the same thing […]

How to make a honey nut cheerio recipe for a vegan Thanksgiving

The holiday season is finally here, and it’s finally here.So let’s get into it with a recipe for honey nut buttercream.This is the kind of dessert that really makes the turkey look like the best thing ever.But there’s something so wonderful about this little treat that makes it one of the most requested holiday treats from many.It’s just a delightfully […]

Honey discount: Honey is now up to 25% cheaper at Kroger

The honey aisle of Kroger is no longer free, but it is also down by 25% on the weekend.The discount will last through Thursday and Friday.Kroger said it was an effort to reduce its cost base and that the discount applies to all honey products, not just honey.The discount is not available to Kroger Fresh Honey, Kroger Honey Bars, Kroenke’s […]

How to make a honey bucket in less than an hour

I have been looking at this topic for a while now. I have been researching Honey Bags and Honey Beds for a few years and I have come up with a couple of ideas.For the purposes of this article I am only going to be talking about how to make one.The first idea is to use the old standby of a […]